About Us

WALO UK Ltd is a specialist in the field of hydraulic asphalt engineering, particularly in providing impermeable barrier systems for the construction and renovation of dam-faces, dam-cores, reservoirs, pumped storage and equalizing reservoirs, artificial lakes, irrigation systems, canals, river banks, landfill sites and coastal protection and flood alleviation schemes.

WALO has now been in the business of providing hydraulic asphaltic barrier systems for the containment of water all over the world for more than 60 years.  The company has focused on the constant improvement of processes such as horizontal and vertical laying of bituminous seals. By using the most modern machinery, WALO has also produced results in the construction of landfill seal systems, biotopes, snow reservoirs and parks.

WALO provides a complete service to its customers, both at home and overseas –  from initial feasibility studies to designing, manufacturing and installing suitable materials to match their individual requirements for sealing systems in every kind of hydraulic application.

The WALO group, which is wholly owned by the Bertschinger Family, currently employs over 2,300 people. The Group’s objectives are to keep abreast of market forces and to adjust the business to changes in all its fields of operation.